UETDRDU013 Joint, terminate and maintain high voltage underground polymeric cable

High Voltage Cable Jointing

The installation of highvoltage de-energised underground polymeric cables includes cable preparation, the jointing or terminating of the cable and testing of the cable.

Cable installation encompasses completing straight joints and tee joints and pole top, switchgear and pillar terminations.

The knowledge required to install these cables includes cable construction, cable characteristics, cable handling techniques, manufacturer’s instructions and cable installation principles and techniques.

Safety requirements including standards, codes of practices, industry practices, workplace hazards and risk management are critically important, along with the correct use of hand, power and specialised tools and equipment for installing the cables.

This course will provide participants with the required skills and knowledge to safely install high voltage de-energised underground polymeric cables to meet regulatory, network operator and industry requirements.



Before a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment is issued for the course, the participant must complete an on-the-job workbook and provide evidence of holding the required prerequisite units.

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Prerequisite unit details



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