UET20319 Certificate II in ESI – Powerline Vegetation Control

Low Voltage Powerline Vegetation Control

This powerline vegetation control training course provides competencies for planning and performing vegetation control work near live low voltage power lines.

It includes relevant OHS/WHS legislation, applicable codes of practices and industry guidelines for vegetation control work near live power lines.

The cutting of vegetation from an elevated work platform using various cutting tools, along with the techniques to safely cut vegetation near live low voltage power lines is included. Also included is the cutting of vegetation from the ground.

The course meets the requirements of the Energy Safety WA ‘Code of Practice for Personnel Electrical Safety for Vegetation Control Near Live Powerlines’ for an authorised Safety Observer and Low Voltage Worker.


Funding is available for this course. To obtain the funded course fee, the employer must establish a Training Contract for the employee with the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

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Student Fees (Funded Course)

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